Welcome ❤️

We are 24 & 26 year old first time parents, Aimee & Ryan Conroy who have set up a charity in memory of our beautiful daughter, Luna Valentina Conroy who was born sleeping on the 29/11/2017 at home under her Christmas tree.

“Our charity Luna’s Fund stands for ‘Love & Unity for Neonatal & Stillborns.'”

As a result of our experience, we felt compelled to embrace upon a new journey, something we could channel all of our love and energy into on behalf of our Luna Bear.

Luna’s Fund launched on 1st March 2018, a charity designed to help future bereaved parents as we felt there was an uncomfortable  lack of aftercare on offer.

Therefore our charity’s aim is to offer an array of services  for families to use, in order to create new memories & to look forward to their future, their ‘new normal.’ We have constructed these ideas based on our own experience of what we would have loved to have been offered at the time; a lifeline.

We hope our services can soften the grieving process and relieve the pressure and stress lives of the bereaved even just a little bit.

Examples of our services: 🌈

• Redecoration of the baby’s nursery for parents who choose that this room is too painful

• A relaxing getaway to help both the mind recovering from trauma and the body recovering from labour

• Food shopping deliveries to help reduce the lack of appetite whilst promoting nutritional goodness; especially to avoid facing the reality of grocery shopping and social environments

The long term goal for Luna’s Fund’s is to open a safe haven retreat for families to enjoy and create new memories; one being in the UK, ‘Luna’s Lodge’ & the other being in the sun, ‘Luna’s Legacy’.

Since launching the charity we have raised a staggering amount of money. We announced this total on Luna’s 1st birthday, 29/11/2018. Thanks to many fundraising events, meticulous planning and a fantastic support network, we have raised a staggering £29,727.37! ❤️

And as a result of our efforts in raising this amount in 9 months, we aim to offer our services in 2019 once we reach registered charitable status which we are SO close to obtaining!

We’ve learnt during this time, that one thing is for sure, Luna was born into this crazy world to make a real difference and to impact people’s lives and we were chose to be her parents to do just that!

Aimee & Ryan x


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